Scaffolding Edge Protection

Under current NASC guidance, scaffolding edge protection should not be erected without design input unless it forms part of an access scaffold.

Our team are trained to install all types of edge protection utilising safe systems of work, such as:

– Mobile elevated working platforms (MEWP’s)
– Fall protection and recovery inertia blocks
– Safety lines and roof spiders with fixed length lanyards.
– All man safe systems

Edge protection can be installed to:

– Steel work utilising specialist fittings
– Free standing to flat roofs with ground rakers
– Free standing to flat roofs utilising drilled anchor ties
– Gable end protection
– Floor slab edge protection (can incorporate loading bay gate)
– Free standing tripod edge protection (must be placed a minimum of 2m from an open edge)
– Staircase handrail
– Floor void handrail
– Lift shaft opening handrail
– Parapet clamped edge protection
– Specialist designed edge protection

The above items can be erected with double handrail and toe board, triple handrail and toe board or any configuration to suit our customer’s requirement.

scaffolding design schematic cad drawing
large domestic scaffolding Nottingham inspired services ltd

Image and design of roof edge protection for flat roof Work’s carried as an emergency project.

edge prtection for scaffolding

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