Temporary Roof Scaffolding

Ensure your construction isn’t exposed to the elements with a temporary roof. At Inspired Scaffolding, we are specialist erectors of all temporary roof scaffolding structures, systems and covers. Whether you’re looking for a temporary roof system for domestic re-roofs or for large heritage works, we’ve got you covered (literally)!

Temporary roof scaffolding systems can be utilised for a range of different circumstances:

  • Weather protection against the elements during construction or restoration
  • To create shade against extreme heatwaves and glaring sun
  • Outdoor events and other activities

Our team utilises not only traditional methods of temporary roofing using tubes and fitting with mono-pitched corrugated tin sheeting, but also other more modern methods of temporary roofing structures such as cassette sheeting.

When it comes to temporary roof structures, we can also look to do the following:

  • Enclose the temporary roof  with industrial shrink wrap
  • Enclose the temporary roof with scaffold sheeting

The inclusion of either of the above will also help give further waterproofing and weather protection for the temporary roof.

We provide all our clients with a preliminary site survey along with a tie load test and ground scan if required. We also include a comprehensive scaffold design drawing along with the engineer’s calculations.

If you’re looking fora different service, we also offer confined space scaffolding services and temporary propping and shoring. Get in contact with us now to find out more.

Temporary Roof Scaffold - Scaffolding temporary roofing cad design schematic